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Assimilating Agile, Lean, and Traditional Project Management


Professional Development


Wednesday May 21st / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm / Conrad Room

Target audience:

IT managers, program managers, project managers, business analysts, and business SMEs involved in IT technology or lean improvement projects.


Todd Williams, PMP, CEO, eCameron, inc., Panel Moderator
Greg Smith, PMP-ACP, CEO, GS Solutions Group, Agile Panelist
Jim Benson, PMP, CEO, Modus Cooperandi, Lean Panelist
Samad Aidane, PMP, Managing Director, NeuroFrontier.com, PMP Panelist
Jack Tollefson, President, TeamStronger, Workshop Producer/Organizer/Announcer

Session description:

Using a creative and fun game show format with audience participation, this engaging presentation conveys how Agile, Lean, and Project Management methodologies offer complementary concepts, processes, and measures that can greatly improve one's performance and effectiveness. Every panelist and the moderator are noted, published world-class experts. Attendees will see how experts in one discipline can find opportunities to borrow what works and fits from other methodologies and disciplines. Given the insights that will be uncovered, this may be the most important and stimulating hour of the entire year.

What you will learn

  • What each methodology offers its practitioners
  • What each methodology can gain from the other two
  • How, why, and where to think outside the methodology box


(Link to be provided here when presentation becomes available)